About Us

Welcome to Haycreek Farm. We are located in Southeast Minnesota between Rochester and Minneapolis/St. Paul. We have been breeding dairy goats for over 35 years and raise Oberhasli, Recorded Grades and Nigerians. We participate in DHIA, Linnear Appraisal and Showing. We also have a small commercial dairy and sell milk to Singing Hills Dairy.



2018 ADGA National Show Awards (Colombus, OH)
Premier Oberhasli Exibitor
Reserve Premier Oberhasli Breeder
Sr. Champion & Best Udder Oberhasli
1st Dairy Herd
1st Breeder’s Trio
1st Produce of Dam
1st/1st Udder 2 yr old
1st/1st Udder 3 yr old







2017 ADGA National Show Awards (Madison, WI)
Premier Oberhasli Exibitor
Premier Oberhasli Breeder
1st/1st Udder Oberhasli 2 year old
2nd Oberhasli 3 year old
2nd Oberhasli Int. Kid
2nd & 3rd Oberhasli Jr. Kid
1st Jr Get of Sire
1st Rec. Grade Jr. Kid
2nd Rec. Grade Int. Kid
Oberhasli High 305 Fat
1st/1st Udder Nigerian Aged Doe
1st Nigerian Produce of Dam
2nd Nigerian Mother/Daughter
3rd Nigerian Dairy herd
3rd Nigerian Best Three

2016 ADGA National Show Awards (Harrisburg, PA)
2nd Oberhasli Dairy Herd
1st Rec. Grade 3 year old
2nd Rec. Grade 2 year old

2014 ADGA National Show Awards (Louisville, KY)
Premier Breeder & Exhibitor-Oberhasli
Premier Breeder & Exhibitor-Recorded Grade
Jr. Champion Recorded Grade
1st/1st Udder Oberhasli Yearling
1st/1st Udder Oberhasli 2yr oldgrade herd14
1st/1st Udder Rec. Grade 4yr old
1st Rec. Grade Int. Kid
1st Rec. Grade Sr. Yearling
1st Rec. Gade Dairy Herd
1st Rec. Grade Best 3 Sr. Does
1st Rec. Grade Best 3 Jr. Does

2013 ADGA National Show Awards (St. Paul, MN):
Oberhasli Jr. Champion
Premier Recorded Grade Exhibitor
Reserve Premier Oberhasli Breeder
1st Place Recorded Grade Dairy Herd and Breeders Trio
1st Oberhasli Intermediate Kid
1st Recorded Grade Jr. Yearling
1st Oberhasli 2 yr old
1st Recorded Grade 2 yr old
1st Recorded Grade 3yr old
1st Recorded Grade Aged doe

2012 ADGA National Show Awards (Loveland, CO):
Reserve Champion Recorded Grade
High Recorded Grade lifetime production award
1st Recorded Grade Aged doe
1st Oberhasli yearling milker

2008 ADGA National Show Awards (Louisville, KY):
Oberhasli Premier Sire
Recorded Grade Premier Breeder and Exhibitor
Recorded Grade High 305 Milk and Fat
Recorded Grade High Lifetime Milk
1st Oberhasli Intermediate Kid
1st Recorded Grade Aged Doe
1st Oberhasli Sr. Get of Sire
1st Recorded Grade Best Three Jr. Does

2008 OBA Golden Bucket Award Winner: GCH Haycreeks SD Spring

2007 ADGA National Show Awards (Gillette, WY):
Recorded Grade High 305 Milk and Fat
1st Recorded Grade Intermediate Kid

2007 OBA Golden Bucket Award Winner: GCH Haycreeks Black Eyed Susan

2006 ADGA National Show Awards (Indiana):
Rookie Award Winners
1st Recorded Grade Jr. Kid

If you are interested in any of our breeding stock, feel free to contact us at haycreeks@yahoo.com.