GCH Haycreeks Roundabout-AI

Born: 4-1-14
LA 2019: EX90 VEEE
LA 2017: EX91 EEEE
LA 2016: VG87 VVVV
17 Little Falls: Sr. Champion, 2 rings
16 ADGA National Show- 2nd 2 year old
15 MN State Fair: 1st Sr. Yearling
15 Tri-State Classic: Champion Jr. Rec. Grade
15 Olmsted Country Fair: Champion Jr. Grade and Best in Show
14 ADGA National Show: 1st Int. Kid
14 IA State Fair: Champion Jr. Recorded Grade and BIS

Int. Kid

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Sr. Yearling

Pāsighāt roundaboutsmall15

2 yr, 1st freshening



3 yr, 2nd freshening

5 yr, 4th freshening