Semen for sale

Delivery can be arranged to shows we exhibit at throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa and the ADGA National Show, if we attend. We can also ship with our vapor shipper at a rough cost of $80-$100 round trip depending on the destination.

$35/straw (5 / $150)
From: Sandman
Haycreeks Kane Enter Sandman
American Oberhasli
Sire: California Special Kane
SS: White-Haven Remus
SD: California Kalvin Special K
Dam: SGCH Haycreeks Solution Shay
DS: SG Haycreeks X Solution
DD: SGCH Haycreeks Warder Shiver

$25/straw (5 / $100)
From: Uptown Funk
Haycreeks Uptown Funk
American Oberhasli
Sire: Tutlelu Attention
SS: Sparkling Acres 3 Gun Salute
SD: Tutlelu Victoria
Dam: SGCH Haycreeks Fractal Flicker
DS: New Dreams JR Fractal
DD: CH Haycreeks SA Shimmer

$25/straw (5 / $100)
From: Sonic
Haycreeks Speedwagon Sonic
American Oberhasli
Sire: Haycreeks Arrio Speedwagon
SS: Cream-of-Kansas’ Rem Arrio
SD: Haycreeks El Cid Silvia
Dam: SGCH Haycreeks Xcited Sona
DS: Brackett’s Sunburst X-Cited
DD: Haycreeks Arrio Senterfold

$25/straw (5 / $100)
From: Permafrost
New Dreams JR Permafrost
American Oberhasli
Sire: New Dreams BH Jolly Rancher
SS: White-Haven Big Hunk
SD: New Dreams Ju Ju Bee
Dam: New Dreams W Fudge Frosting
DS: Ober-D’Rainbow TR Winchester
DD: White-Haven Vanilla Fudge

$35/straw (5 / $150)
From: Solution
Haycreeks X Solution
American Oberhasli

Sire: Brackett’s Sunburst X-Cited
SS: Brackett’s Sunburst Sinsation
SD: SGCH Brackett’s Sunburst Minuette
Dam: SGCH Haycreeks Arrio Senterfold
DS: SGCH Cream-of-Kansas’ Rem Arrio
DD: Haycreeks SR Selina

$25/straw (5 / $100)
From: Fractal
New Dreams JR Fractal
American Oberhasli

Sire: New Dreams BH Jolly Rancher
SS: White Haven Big Hunk
SD: SGCH New Dreams Ju Ju Bee
Dam: New Dreams Twisted Sister
DS: White Haven ‘Ntrust
DD: Tonka-Tails Tuscan Sunrise

$10/straw (5 / $35)
From: Storm Cloud
Haycreeks Trucker Storm Cloud
American Oberhasli
Sire: Haycreeks TH Trucker
SS: Heaven’s Hollow Prince Harry
SD: Haycreeks STD Tyra
Dam: Haycreeks Showtime Stormy
DS: Haycreeks STD Show Time
DD: Haycreeks El Cid Silvia

$20/straw (5 / $75)
From: Juke Box
Piddlin Acres BRS Juke Box
Nigerian Dwarf
Sire: Piddlin Acres Bo’s Rock Star
SS: Dills XM Bo Diddly
SD: Piddlin Acres PV Tansy
Dam: CH Piddlin Acres SC Bobby Sox
DS: AGS Piddlin Acres Shortchange
DD: AGS Piddlin Acres Symphony

$20/straw (5 / $75)
From: Expo
MI Sugarcreek WK Talent Expo
Nigerian Dwarf
Sire: MI Sugarcreek VL Tunes Walkman
SS: MI Sugarcreek NT Valor
SD: GCH AGS Sugar Creek PT Show Tunes
Dam: AGS Sugar Creek SD Talent Show
DS: AGS Sugar Creek’s NR Snapdragon
DD: AGS Gay-Mor’s Gnat’s Pageantry