GCH Haycreeks SA Shimmer

Born: 3-16-06
LA 2009: EX 91 VEEE
LA 2011: EX 91 EVEV (permanent score)
06 Nationals: 7th Recorded Grade Int. Kid
06 MN State Fair: Champion Jr. Recorded Grade
07 ADGA National Show: 10th Mlk Yrlg
08 Mid MN Classic: Ring 1 & 2: Ch & BOB
08 ADGA National Show: 3rd 2 yr old
10 IA State Fair: 1st 4 yr, Champion Grade
11 Scott Co. Fair: BOB Grade
11 Olmsted Co. Fair: BOB Grade, Best in Show
13 MN State Fair Lifetime Production Winner
13 ADGA National Show: 1st Aged Doe

6 months

Shimmer as a kid

1yr, 1st freshening

Shimmer 1 year and her first freshening Shimmer 1 year and her first freshening

2yrs, 2nd freshening

Shimmer 2 years and her second freshening Shimmer 2 years and her second freshening

3yrs, 3rd freshening

Shimmer 3 years and her third freshening

4yrs, 4th freshening

Shimmer-4yr-4freshening  Shimmer 4 years and her fourth freshening

5yrs, 5th freshening

Shimmer 5 years and her fifth freshening Shimmer 5 years and her fifth freshening

6yrs, 6th freshening

2012_shimmer_thm 2012_shimmer_udder

7yrs, 7th freshening

2013_shimmer_thm ShimmerUdder13